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Blow to romance. 
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Pack of Cigarettes and Coffee’s 1st DATE! <3
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you jelly? ;D Haha, some early valentine’s humour.
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(by athousanddaisies)
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Bootylicious pinup, love random walk ins like this. The girl bought in the design, was really fun to do
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Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween~
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Permalink "Ryan Gosling is a sex God" my friend wrote in an email when she saw Crazy, Stupid, Love!  The truth of the statement is supplemented by the fact that he’s actually a great musician too. Check out dead mans bones, his band. C’est genial! 

I just watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. Ryan Gosling.is.a.god. He has a nice ass. I’m dead
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James Dean with a camera.

Lovin’ James Dean.